Admission ward and Diagnostics

Admission-diagnostic Department

There four admission-diagnostic Departments in RRCEM where patients can be examined and be admitted:

  1. The central admission-diagnostic Department is for receiving adult patients with acute surgical and therapeutic pathologies. It consists of operation-shock room for six beds with all required equipment, isolator and diagnostic room for eight beds where patients can be observed 24 hours for diagnosis correction. Head of Department -ShakhrizodBaymuradov, MD, PhD.
  2. Admission Department for the patients with acute trauma is intended for victims with emergency trauma and neurosurgical injuries. Head of Department -ShikhratTadjiev, MD.
  3. Combustiology-toxicological block’s admission Department is for receiving patients with acute burn and toxicological diseases. Head of Department -OmonYusupov, MD, PhD.
  4. Children admission Departmentis intended for receiving patients of childhood. It also has shock room for two beds and isolator for observing patients. They provide emergency out-patient medicine to patients with somatic, surgical and traumatic pathology and also admission to profile Departments.

Head of Department  -SurayyoRakhimova, MD.

Diagnostic division includes:

– Department of radial diagnostics (X-ray Department, CT and MRI Departments, angiography Department, ultrasound Department).

Head – ProfessorAdkhamIkramov, MD, DSc.

They devise diagnostic methods of different emergency conditions with wide use of up-to-date high tech including 2 CTs, MRI, digital X-ray machines, angiographic machine, ultra-sound diagnostic apparatus with dopplerometry and 3D modeling.

Besides, the following sub-Departments are included to diagnostic Department:

– functional diagnostics Department,

– endoscopy Department,

– clinical-diagnostic laboratory,

– bacteriologic laboratory Department.