About SEM

The main institution of EMS is the Republican research Centre of Emergency Medicine (RRCEM) with the republican sanitary aviation and “103” ambulance service of Tashkent city. There are 12 regional branches in all regions of Uzbekistan providing specialized emergency medicine to the population. There are 172 sub-branches of RRCEM functioning as emergency Departments at the district hospitals. Besides all listed stationary subdivisions, “103” ambulance service, sanitary aviation and medical teams of population protection at emergency cases are included in EMS. General bed source of EMS is 8300 units, 24 hours medical assistance is provided by 55 000 staff including more than 8000 doctors. RRCEM is a multi-disciplinary hospital providing urgent medical aid in all main fields of emergency medicine – surgical, therapeutic, combustiologic-toxicologic profiles for children and adults. 29 clinical Departments with total bed sources of 760 beds (including 80 ICU beds) present it. More than 2300 people work for RRCEM, among them there are 457 doctors, 1079 nurses, 520 technical and 328 the other staff. 25 Professor and 73 PhD work for RRCEM.

The quantity of the annual visits to RRCEM and its branches has increased from 6.4 million to 8.0 million. About 150 000 patients are served in RRCEM and 70 000 of them – in-patient, more than 14 000 surgeries are performed a year.

One of the key-structural subdivisions of RRCEM and its regional branches is admission-diagnostic Department. It differs from traditional admission Departments of usual hospitals by peculiarity of admitting patients who often has combined pathologies.